Improve Your Immunity with Chiropractic

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Do you go to a chiropractor for the common cold or any other illness? Most individuals believe chiropractic care is just for necks and backs. On the contrary, not so much. In fact, many people seeing chiropractors for neuromusculoskeletal problems (nerve, muscle and structural pain/conditions) often find an improvement in their overall health that may include fewer and less severe colds, flu, and other respiratory problems.

Chiropractic care can help build and enhance your natural resistance to disease by removing a serious interference to your optimal body function: subluxations. Natural resistance is the only reason your cold “goes away” rather than lasting for weeks, months or your entire lifetime!

A subluxation is a small distortion in your body structure that interferes with your ability to function at your optimum. Chiropractors are specifically trained to detect, locate, and correct subluxations. Subluxations are corrected by giving a chiropractic adjustment, a procedure that takes years of study to master. The adjustment relieves the stress of subluxations and helps to restore optimal body functioning for higher resistance to disease which is the best defense against the common cold.

There are numerous case studies of chronic cold and flu sufferers having less or no colds after chiropractic care. For example, when spinal motion is restricted, people are more prone to ear infections, bronchitis and or pneumonia. However, if motion could be maintained or reestablished, patients recovered without complications. In another study, 92% of patients with COPD had significant improvement of their respiratory symptoms after spinal care.

For more information and to schedule your appointment today, call us at Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic at (321) 636-5200 to keep your body free from subluxations which will help keep your resistance high. Chiropractic care could make the difference between a quick recovery and a lingering illness. Call to schedule today!

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