Accept Responsibility For Your Health

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We all have a major responsibility to ourselves to take care of the one body we have. We only get one, yet many individuals may be willing to avoid this responsibility. Are you one of many individuals wanting to take the easy way out instead of facing the challenges head on? There are five things that we need to do to stay healthy, function the optimal level, and keep physical homeostasis alive.

  1. Proper Diet: A high fiber, low fat diet which is free of toxins such as additives, and preservatives found in processed foods, or toxic chemicals such as alcohol, nicotine, or prescribed or over-the-counter drugs.
  2. Proper Mental Attitude: Keep it positive at all times, defusing stress and turning lemons into lemonade. Becomes the optimist, rather than the pessimist.
  3. Proper Exercise: Work Your Body especially the muscle called your heart, for at least ten minutes a day, with spinal exercises and maneuvers which are specifically designed to reduce your subluxations and keep those vertebrae in alignment as well.
  4. Proper Rest: Ensure good support for your spine including your neck. Remember, the majority of your body’s tissues repair and renew during rest. Six to eight hours needed still holds true today.
  5. Proper Nerve Supply: Chiropractic supports the proper alignment of the spinal vertebrae allowing the brain to communicate with every cell, tissue, and organ throughout your body, through the spinal cord and soft spinal nerves. Remember, when a vertebrae misaligns (twists or turns out of place), this pressure on the spinal nerves causes dysfunction and disharmony throughout the body, resulting in further malfunction and eventual death of cells and tissues. This certainly takes away from your full potential as a human being.

Remember that it is vital to take important steps to live the best life possible. Here at Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic, we can help you get back on track to a fuller, more meaningful lifestyle. Call us today at (321) 636-5200 to schedule your appointment and consultation!

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