Kyle Lewis
Satisfied Patient

“This practice is truly the definition of incredible customer service. Every time I walk in I am always greeted so warmly and by name, they truly make you feel welcome. The chiropractic teams care is great as well! They are very helpful and always make sure to explain things and address any concerns you may have. I would highly recommend this team to anyone seeking chiropractic care!” 

Vanessa Hughey
Satisfied Patient

“Angels doing Gods work ! I sent my husband there he has been suffering in pain for weeks ! When I called for the appointment I was so happy to receive such kindness and thoughtfulness and I obtained the appointment quickly, I love that they call the day prior as a friendly reminder! Excellent phone etiquette which is rare these days! My husband came home happy to have been cared for by Wonderful, Caring Physicians! He will be going as it will take several months for his Care as my husband hates doctors & hospitals and this time he’s happy and knows he’s in good hands to finally have Great Care and end up with enjoying life again! He’s not scared not nervous he’s actually relieved knowing he’s going to be in great hands! God knew what he was doing when this group of people came together to provide quality care and services! Please go you will experience great things for your health and well being and you will not have to worry you will be enjoying life! Isn’t that our goal anyway? To enjoy your life! I think so!”

Christina Brando
Satisfied Patient

“Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and always happy to see you! All of the doctors listen to you and really care! I feel like a new person every time I get an adjustment. They rock!”

Rayna Earl
Satisfied Patient

“Customer service is excellent. I suddenly had severe pain last night and was able to call at 8:30 am and get an appointment at 9:30 am due to a cancellation. When I arrived they found that my insurance card wasn’t working – what a nightmare. Later on, I find it’s the fault of my employer who accidentally waived my insurance for this year and they are fixing it, but regardless Fogarty Chiropractic were understanding of my insurance issue and charged me an extremely reasonable out of pocket fee for the x-rays they took and got me an appointment tomorrow at 1 pm for the adjustment.” 

Ariana Viale
Satisfied Patient

Absolutely wonderful! Dr. Kevin Fogarty is the best. His staff is extremely professional and make you feel comfortable the minute you make your appointment and walk into the clinic.

Brittany Barna
Satisfied Patient

“The staff is so kind and accommodating. I always feel amazing after my adjustments and when I follow my care plan I maintain a pain-free life. I was so happy to find Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic. If you are looking for Chiropractic care in the area, you need to go to Fogarty.” 

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Kevin on his 38th year in practice. YES, he started when he was 12!!!

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