Listen to the Voice Within

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Imagine that you recently installed a smoke detector to warn of the dangers of a possible fire. Then, one night the alarm sounds off waking you from a deep sleep. Do you: (a) unplug the alarm and go back to sleep? Or (b) use this warning to save your life?

Of course, the answer is obvious, as it should also be concerning the body which houses your life. You see, your body is constantly communicating with you with hundreds of little “smoke detectors,” as sensors located throughout your physical being. When something is wrong, one of these internal detectors is tripped, sounding an alarm which may be heard in many different forms such as headaches, dizziness or other pains or problems. Perhaps signals may occur such as constipation, indigestion, allergies, or asthma; all symptoms that something is not functioning properly within you – a fire raging on.

Instead of listening to this cry for help from within, many people silence these communication sensors with pain pills, muscle relaxers, or the like. The alarm is now unplugged, and the noise is stifled, but ask yourself, “Did it put out the fire?” Of course not. If the fire remains unchecked, further damage, perhaps incurable occurs destroying the only body you own.

So before you go to swallow the next pill or potion, ask yourself if it is going to correct the cause of your health problem or merely cover up the symptoms by unplugging that alarm.

Chiropractic looks to the cause of your health problems, restoring proper communication between your brain and all the cells, muscles, organs, and systems of your body, thus allowing better function, better expression of life and better health.

Don’t just cover up the symptoms, correct the cause! Call us today at Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic at (321) 636-5200 to schedule your appointment now.

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