Here Are 5 Things People Should Know About Text Neck

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Do you recall how your parents would say that nothing in life is free? They are absolutely correct. High-tech gadgets and smart phones are developing at an increased rate of speed which comes at a cost: text neck or otherwise called a tech neck.

Here are 5 things chiropractic patients should know about tech neck/text neck, the epidemic that is becoming far too common:

  1. Tech neck is initiated by poor posture

In particular, always looking down at a phone or laptop puts extra pounds of unwanted pressure on the cervical spine. This causes wear and tear and even degeneration over time. The space between the neck and shoulder contains a cluster of nerves. If these nerves are compressed, misaligned, or damaged, the pain is excruciating and difficult to treat.

  1. Tech neck is ever more of the norm among young people

Spending as little as one to three hours a day bent over a smart phone is enough to make a serious impact on the body over time. And though one to three hours may not seem too long, it is not difficult to reach two hours by adding several 15-minute or half-hour segments together. Some teens are likely to devote twice that much time in each afternoon. Consider the impact of 1000 plus hours of bad posture in a year. It is no surprise that teenagers are at risk. The lasting impact of text neck on today’s young people could be costly.

  1. Tech neck combined with an inactive lifestyle paves the way for disaster

With hours of looking down at a smart phone often come hours of relaxing on the couch or sitting still. We are generally less active when we are engaged on the Internet or texting our friends. Though the list of ailments for poor posture is long and discouraging, it is made worse by inactivity. The best thing to do is to put the phone down periodically and go stretch, exercise, and return to the technology just occasionally. The benefits of technology do not outweigh the consequences of inactivity.

  1. Tech neck can be fixed

Attempting to have good posture is the simplest way to start. Making an appointment at Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic is a good move for anyone who is experiencing the painful side effects of hours spent looking down. Taking small steps toward better posture can save money and pain in the long run. Choosing to engage in technology as a treat instead of around the clock is good practice.

  1. Tech neck can be avoided

This does not imply to stop using cell phones. Avoiding extra pressure on the neck and spine does require consideration and adhering to the commitment. In today’s ever-increasing technological age, choosing to avoid smart phone usage doesn’t happen. One good strategy is to hold your phone higher and look with your eyes. Do this instead of moving your head down and forwards. Another strategy is to ask friends and family to say something when they notice prolonged periods of poor posture.

We can help you further to better posture and avoiding the dreadful tech neck. Call us today at Fogarty Life Chiropractic Life Clinic at (321) 636-5200 to schedule your appointment today!

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