Raising Your Core Temperature Helps Fight Viruses

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A recent study suggests COVID-19 is highly sensitive to high temperatures and spreads faster in colder climates; its most rapid spread is occurring at a temperature of 8.72 degrees Celsius (47.7 degrees Fahrenheit)

Fever is a core mechanism by which your body fights viral infection. You can simulate a fever by raising your core body temperature in a sauna, steam bath, or by engaging in physical exercise to induce sweating.

Remember, proper exercise is one of the 5 facets of health that chiropractic has talked about many times. Coronaviruses appears to be destroyed by high temperatures, which can easily be reached.

A fever is your body’s way of raising your core body temperature, and most pathogens do not fare well in high heat. High heat exposure activates heat shock proteins which may prevent viral nucleoproteins from being exported suppressing viral replication.

How else can you raise your core temperature? Other ways in which you can acutely and temporarily raise your core body temperature include sunbathing, taking a steam bath, exercise to induce sweating. So, get outside and enjoy the sun in your backyard, take a brisk walk around the block, exercise inside your house if you must.  Just sweat it out!

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