The Impossible Is Possible

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Thirty years ago if someone said that we would have electric cars, or that we would have national shipping companies guarantee a delivery within a 2-3 weeks regardless of the product, what would have been your response? Impossible? But it is happening.

When enough people get the same big idea, whether it is for world peace or for world health, miracles begin to happen. Raising consciousness that the impossible is possible is all it takes. When everyone’s awareness is brought to new heights, then critical mass is reached. The same is true for our nation’s awakening to self-improvement and natural health. The business of life is booming as we are all realizing our own unlimited potential.

What steps are you taking in the commitment to positive change in you?

Are you enslaved in the negative self-imposed mind set regarding not only your health but your personal goals? Today’s media and yesterday’s anecdotes reinforce our dependency on the negative. After all, in regard to health, who has the medicine cabinet in their home, or is allowed sick days at work, or buys get well gifts for their loved ones? These so-called rewards subconsciously tell us that it is ok and normal to be sick. Just look at the number of advertisements for medications on television. The question really should be, are you prepared to take the responsibility for your health and give up the tired old excuses of “I cannot afford to eat healthy”, “There’s not enough time in the day to exercise”, or “It’s in my family’s genes to be fat or sick”. You do have choices in regard to your health. In each and every waking moment your body processes unlimited bits of information that would put most computers to shame. Your body is designed so perfectly that you are not supposed to be sick or broken down. At this very moment your body is performing the impossible to keep it functioning.

As chiropractors, we assist in helping to keep the spine in proper alignment for not just to be pain free but to keep you functioning at your best potential. Here at Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic, we can do just that. Schedule your appointment today at (321) 636-5200.

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