Kids Can Also Benefit From Chiropractic Care

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Ear infection, colic, seizure, hyperactivity and scoliosis just to label a few, are all cases in which children have responded significantly to chiropractic care.

How, you may ask, can chiropractic improve these conditions so well? Children have spines too, just much smaller than you. Their nerves also innervate all organs and tissues in the body, including the middle ear, glands and intestines, which control temperature regulation and work the immune system, muscles and ligaments.

Damage to tiny bodies, such as the birthing process, falling while learning to walk, or taking the little bumps and bruises we all have while growing up which may cause the vertebrae to become jolted out of place. This places pressure on the soft spinal nerves influencing those organs and tissues, causing the body to malfunction and occasionally to express itself in such symptoms as mentioned above.

We are mistakenly led to believe that medications and vaccinations are the only answer. Remember that any medication whether it’s under-the-counter, over-the-counter, pushed or prescribed, has a minimum of five different side effects, which can include death.

As Dr. Barge, noted chiropractor, author and former president of the International Chiropractic Association, briefly states: “The body produces its own cure once nerve interference is corrected by the subluxation adjustment.” This can only happen in a chiropractor’s office through the properly administered chiropractic adjustment, with its only side effect as good health and well-being.

For the correction of your child’s health problems and the start of living truly drug free, say no to drugs. Say yes to the natural means of health care – Chiropractic!

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