What Do You Know About the OTC Medications You Take?

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Flip on your TV or the radio.  Any other channel at any given time, you’ll find ads for over-the-medications (OTC) such as aspirin, acetaminophens, tylenol or other anti-inflammatories. These OTCs are being advertised for everything from “minor aches and pains” to the common headache and now for a “preventative” for heart disease. OTC medications such as aspirin are being swallowed at over millions of pounds of pills per year.

Did you know that aspirin and its compounds can cause nausea, vomiting, inflamed stomach lining, nasal polyps, skin rashes and asthma-plus temporary deafness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, mental confusion and after long frequent usage, kidney damage? Aspirin causes the loss of small quantities of blood through the stomach and intestines. It can also cause a severe iron-deficiency anemia or damage to bone marrow, the source of life-giving red blood cells.  Sounds like one of those commercials on the TV or radio with all the side effects. And you say this would never happen to you.

Even if none of these things may not have happened to you, aspirin intolerance can develop suddenly as with any medication or drug. This can occur in people who have ingested the drug for years with no ill effects. As a matter of fact, in many cases of sudden “aspirin disease,” further dosages can very well be fatal.

“But nothing helps so much as a couple of aspirin when I have an occasional headache,” you say. “It makes the pain go away, and everything is okay.” “No,” as replied by a scientist, “it does not make the pain go away. It merely masks the pain by deadening vital nerves; the cause remains.” “Well, I take Tylenol (or another OTC) not as often” you say. Did you know that Tylenol destroys kidney cells? And if you take within 24 hours of ingesting alcohol products, it destroys kidney cells by 4 times. So much for using it for that hangover or preventing one.

Pain is nature’s signal to you that something is wrong, and all the aspirin and Tylenol in the world is not going to make it right. To numb the pain with aspirin is like pulling the plug out of a fire alarm. It quiets things down, but it doesn’t put out the fire.

That’s where chiropractic care comes in. Chiropractic care plays a unique role in your health field. It helps identify the underlying cause of pain, illness, or disorder  and help remove the cause of it with the chiropractic adjustment. More often than not, the underlying cause is one or more misaligned vertebrae causing pressure or irritation to vital nerves as they pass from the brain, down through the spine and out to every part of your body.

So why risk the potential dangers of “aspirinholism?” If you find yourself reaching for an aspirin at the first ache or pain, stop for a moment. Isn’t it wiser to consult your Doctor of Chiropractic who can find the cause of your trouble and remove it with specific gentle chiropractic adjustments? Then, afterwards, you can enjoy the benefits of full, good, natural health.

Don’t wait, schedule your appointment at Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic today at (321) 636)-5200.

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