Pennywise and Pound Foolish

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How do you want to spend your hard earned money in retirement? Enjoying life, playing tennis, golf, walk on the beach or dealing with a disabling health condition?

So many of us in our younger days felt as though we were indestructible. We did not have the time or the money for pain or a health crisis, and looked to the shortcuts to help. We reached for any pill, potion or lotion to cover up the symptoms rather than correcting the cause of the problem.

Chiropractic saves you money by identifying the cause of your health problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

By pinpointing your specific spinal dysfunction, we can correct the cause of the pain by creating better communication to your nervous system. Because when you have better function, you’re more apt to enjoy life as it is meant to be pain free!

Chiropractic also saves you money by keeping minor problems from developing into costly repairs later in in the future. Because chiropractic emphasizes long term-correction rather than just temporary pain relief, your problem is less likely to return or become debilitating. The over counter medications only mask your symptoms. Do not let them burn a hole in your wallet!

When you maintain your spinal health through regular adjustments, you are slowing the degeneration of your joints and discs; thus, preventing further injury. This can reduce the need for other types of treatment, such as medications, surgery or hospitalizations. That means lower health care costs for you and your family in the long run!

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