What You Can Do To Boost Your Immune System

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You can help your body increase its ability to fight off the common cold, flu, and infections, both bacterial and viral in nature, with these simple ideas.

Use this information as your first line of defense in restoring your immune system along with regular chiropractic adjustments.

  1. Increase your daily intake of Vitamin C to 1,000-3,000 mg in divided doses. Vitamin C promotes healing and increases your body’s immune response. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, meaning that your body uses what it needs and whatever is left over is given back to nature.  In order to get the necessary amount of vitamin C from orange juice, you would have to drink five to six gallons a day.
  1. Increase your daily intake of Vitamin D to 5,000-10,000 IU. Getting enough vitamin D is not only important for maintaining healthy bones, but also helps improve resistance against certain diseases, reduces the risk of the flu, and helps with depression and energy levels.
  1. Start taking up to 30 mg of zinc daily.
  1. Drinking at least a half gallon of water a day helps your body flush toxins out your system and will stimulate your body’s own natural defense. If you drink coffee, alcohol, tea, or sodas, replace that volume of liquid with more water. These are all diuretics that rob your body of water.
  1. Gargling with warm salt water is also very beneficial. The salt water changes the pH level in your mouth and throat, thus acting as a barrier to bacteria or virus.
  1. Discontinue consuming all dairy products. Dairy produces mucus which feeds bacteria and virus making them stronger.
  1. Get Adjusted! When your spine is adjusted, your body will be given the best chance that it has to fight off infections. Scientists have found that people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments have superior immune systems. Remember the nervous system controls the immune system.

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