Technology Can Be Such a Pain in the Neck

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Do you find yourself at a computer, using an iPhone, or iTablet quite often? These days, tablets, smartphones, and

handheld devices are constantly around us, and it is very popular for everyone of all ages to spend hours on these devices every day. Typically, supporting the weight of your head is no major issue for your neck and shoulders. However prolonged screen time comes at a price, and some people refer to it as “tech neck”. If you sit incorrectly on a nonergonomic chair as your head bends down while you type an email, the strain on your neck can more exponential. The human head weighs an average of approximately 10 to 12 pounds. For every inch when you bend your head forward, 10 pounds of unnecessary pressure is placed upon the neck and upper back.  This results in muscles being fatigued, sore, and inflamed. Thus, inflammation can eventually result in fibrosis, leading to chronic neck pain.

It’s quite widespread for individuals to devote long periods of time at a computer or sitting at their desk to feel some degree of pain in the muscles of their upper back, neck, and shoulders. Children and teenagers may not have similar type of work to carry out, but that does not indicate that they are protected from the strain and tension which can result from utilizing the devices frequently. Tech neck affects everyone of all ages.  It is one of the most frequent effects of passing time with the head and neck flexed too far forward. This interrupts the natural neck curvature and surrounding muscles which are required to support the head.

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