Are You Experiencing Whiplash Symptoms After An Auto Accident?

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If you are experiencing from back or neck pain after even the lesser of car accidents (or even if you encounter no pain at all), it is entirely possible you have experienced whiplash.

Without a comprehensive assessment from a chiropractor, whiplash can develop into a lifetime of debilitating chronic pain. Knocking the spine out of alignment can strain the neck muscles and produce intense pain and discomfort. Painkillers are only a temporary measure in controlling pain, so it’s important to get to the cause of the condition.

Chiropractors treat the underlying spinal or whiplash injury by alleviating pressure on your tendons, nerves, and muscles.

This alignment of the spine combined with corrective exercises facilitates the healing process to prevent significant impairment to your musculoskeletal system. Following trauma, your body inherently attempts to immobilize the injured area. A defensive muscle spasm can aid to immobilize damaged joints and muscles. This is a normal healthy reaction, but if function is not restored within 4-6 weeks, scar tissue can form and can make full recovery extremely difficult.

Chiropractors recognize that a multi-faceted treatment program is best for you and can help you get better more quickly. Chiropractic adjustments restore joints back to an aligned and correct position and can also reduce pressure on pinched nerves. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications can offer short-term relief, but often do not address the source of your pain. Ice and medication can aid in pain relief but should not be utilized as a fix-all. Let us create a tailored treatment plan together as soon as you can after your fender bender or major crash. It’s likely you will heal more quickly and with much less discomfort.

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