Dealing With Neck and Back Pain in the Workplace

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Back pain is one of the most frequent workplace injuries, and many of these injuries are due to inadequate ergonomics in the workplace.

Even routine work that involves no special agility or strength such as sitting in an office chair or performing heavy lifting, can trigger back pain. Utilizing ergonomic standards can minimize work-related back injuries and back pain. Back pain is one of the top causes why people miss work. 

Back pain and repetitive stress injuries can happen to both white and blue-collar workers. Workplace ergonomics help both types of employees avoid accidental and repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck strain, leg pain, and back pain. Ergonomics is the art of designing the workplace, task, and equipment to suit the worker with the objective of increasing productivity and lessening injuries.

People who work in physically demanding occupations, especially in those jobs that require heavy lifting, are at greatest risk for back injury. Healthcare workers who provide direct patient care are at higher risk for back pain, for example, as are construction workers or manufacturers. For these workers, ergonomics concentrates on applying the appropriate means and body mechanics to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

Individuals who sit for the most part of the workday, such as those who sit in an office chair to work at a computer, are at a high possibility for back pain and recurring motion injuries. Ergonomics for these workers consist of providing office chairs that maximize back support. In addition, it encourages good posture and modifies these office chairs to the proper height for each worker suited for their bodies. Office ergonomic procedures also include taking regular breaks and stretching intermittently.

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