Chiropractic Care Can Reverse “Tech Neck”

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Did you know that staring down at a mobile device places 60 pounds of pressure on your neck? Ouch!

Now that just about everyone, including most kids, have a phone/pocket computer in their pocket everywhere you turn you see people looking down hunched over their phones texting. “Tech Neck” or “Text Neck” is a fairly new phenomenon, and many people have never even heard of it. Text Neck is the name given to the increasingly common neck, upper back, and shoulder pain many people are experiencing. This pain typically starts in the neck and spreads from there.

It is estimated that many people spend two-four hours every day looking down at their smartphone while texting, reading and sending emails, checking their social media, and using apps. That’s 730 – 1,460 hours a year, bending your head forward and down in an unnatural position. The numbers are even worse for teenagers who appear to be permanently attached to their smartphones and may be spending over 5000 hours a year looking down at their laps. And, it’s not just cellphones. Many young people and children use handheld video games, and spend hours at a time playing these games.

Chiropractors are the most qualified doctors in the medical field to correct text neck and its problems. Since text neck is caused by misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck (cervical spine) it is only natural to go to a chiropractor that is trained to make sure the vertebrae in your spine are correctly aligned.


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Taking Back Control of Your Health

Taking Back Control of Your Health

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