When Was the Last Time You Were Adjusted?

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Take advantage of what your chiropractor has to offer! Scheduling appointments may seem like an responsibility instead of something to look forward to, but there are a wide range of approaches that it can improve in your day to day schedule.

Chiropractic adjustments not only assist on improving body function to eradicate the cause of pain, but also helps to:

  1. Restore nerve supply to organs and tissues of the body.
  2. Improve posture allowing muscles to function better.
  3. Ease tension from sitting at work all day and improve ergonomics.
  4. Reduce stress and increase the endorphin flow throughout the body.

(Endorphins are produced naturally by your body and kills cancer cells.)

Overall, chiropractic care boosts individuals’ moods and can help brighten up your day! At Fogarty Chiropractic, we remove nerve interference which allows the body to function better without the use of drugs or surgery.

Call and schedule your appointment today at Fogarty Chiropractic, (321) 636-5200.

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