Preventing Injury Throughout the Holiday Season

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In the midst of the holiday season, there is nothing worse than getting hurt and having to sit on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun.

Let us give you a few suggestions:

  1. Be aware and careful of your outside surroundings. Tripping hazards are everywhere. (extension cords, gifts, new toys)
  2. Create time for yourself to remain active. Remember the more you do for yourself, the more you can do for your loved ones. (exercise, meditate, do yoga, date night)
  3. Be careful on how you decorate. Use a ladder, not the rocking chair to hang your ornaments
  4. Wear appropriate and supportive footwear.
  5. Be cautious on how you play with the children. Piggy back rides can be a hazard for one’s spinal health.

If something were to happen, don’t hesitate or try to wait out the pain. Remember the 5 most dangerous words, ‘maybe it will go away.”

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